The way to beautiful skin - Harmony Skin Recovery Formula

The way to beautiful skin - Harmony Skin Recovery FormulaHarmony Skin Recovery Formula is a way for beautiful skin

1. Rescue for acne skin - a combination of vitamin B5, L carnitine and zinc

Harmony Skin Recovery Formula is a new supplement supporting the fight against acne. It is an alternative to broadly used antibiotic and steroid treatments recommended by dermatologists. The preparation is an effective antidote for the fight against persistent acne.

L-carnitine contained in the supplement significantly reduces the amount of sebum secreted, leaving the skin dull for hours. Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) is an essential nutrient because it is involved in the production of coenzyme A and the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Pantothenic acid binds to carrier proteins in most dietary sources. The body absorbs only free pantothenic acid, therefore vitamin B5 protein complexes break down in the intestinal lumen, releasing free vitamin. Pantothenic acid reduces sebum production as well as reduces acne breakouts and accelerates skin healing.

Vitamin B5 deficiency may be one of the causes of acne. Supplementation with pantothenic acid improves the symptoms of acne, as well as leads to significant weight loss and prevents hair graying.

By reducing the size of the skin's pores, vitamin B5 has a similar effect to the astringent used to treat acne. When the size of the skin's pores decreases, it is less likely that impurities on the skin, which are a mixture of sebum, dead skin cells and bacteria, will clog the skin pores, creating inflammatory foci. Clogged glandular mouths promote the formation of local inflammation leading to the formation of acne lesions such as pimples or blackheads.

To reduce the appearance of acne breakouts, it is important to reduce sebum production by increasing acid metabolism and producing coenzyme A. Vitamin B5 through coenzyme A affects androgen production. When pantothenic acid levels fall in the body, coenzyme A increases androgen production.

Androgens such as testosterone and DHT, its metabolite, are responsible for the majority of acne cases caused by hormonal imbalances. These male sex hormones cause enlargement of sebaceous glands, which leads to increased sebum production. To prevent this, it is recommended to use high doses of vitamin B5, which successfully regulate the activity of coenzyme A, so that it reduces the production of androgens, which high levels exacerbate acne.

Skin Harmony Skin supplement is rich in the optimal dose of vitamin B5, L carnitine, as well as zinc to maximize the anti-acne properties of pantothenic acid.

The carnitine contained in the preparation l supports the distribution and absorption of vitamin b5, so that the effects on the skin become even more impressive. L carnitine acts as a vitamin B5 catalyst here. Transports fatty acids through the mitochondrial membrane, where they can be oxidized. It also has chelation properties. This process involves depriving metallic elements of activity. As a result, toxic substances for the body are gently removed from the body.

L-carnitine improves fatty acid metabolism because it is a carrier molecule for carrying fatty acids across the mitochondrial membrane. It has the effect of accelerating the activity of vitamin B5 on the reduction of fatty acids, thanks to which it helps to alleviate acne symptoms.

Both pantothenic acid and L-carnitine contribute to reducing muscle fatigue and maintaining muscle integrity. Excessive effort, especially after intense workouts, promotes the burden on the body, and the above-mentioned substances effectively minimize the effects of fatigue, reduce fat and affect weight loss.

The preparation Skin Harmony enriched in zinc, which participates in the synthesis of new body proteins, supports the work and functioning of the endocrine system, improves metabolism. Plays an important role in maintaining acid-base balance. Provides proper prostate and reproductive organs function. Studies have shown that zinc has a significant effect on brain function. It is necessary to maintain the optimal concentration of vitamin A, accelerates wound healing, improves mental performance and protects the macula of the eye against degenerative changes. Facilitates getting rid of white spots on the nails, perfectly improves skin condition by preventing inflammation.

2. Effects on the skin: the benefits of using Harmony Skin Recovery Formula:

Most of us begin to fight acne by using external preparations, exfoliating agents that are used topically. We believe that local skin care works best because it is one of the elements of a full holistic approach that includes lifestyle factors such as a healthy diet and exercise.

By including the Harmony Skin Recovery supplement in your diet, you will provide your body with the right vitamins and other nutrients, effectively reduce not only the symptoms but above all the causes of skin lesions. Gastric-friendly capsules relieve acne symptoms not only on the face, but also throughout the body. The supplement is recommended to all those struggling with the problem of acne caused by the use of prohormones and steroids as well as women to improve their skin condition.

Harmony Skin Recovery is an acne supplement that was created in response to the demand of people looking for an alternative to strong antibiotics or vitamin A-isotretonin derivatives.

Anti-acne supplement, reduces sebum, reduces inflammation, and also accelerates skin regeneration. Effectively reduces enlarged pores and minimizes redness. Users of the preparation noticed a general improvement in skin condition in the first week of use. All these features make the product one of the best natural acne-suppressing dietary supplements. High doses of vitamin B5, L-carnitine and zinc naturally help get rid of persistent pimples and blackheads for a long time.

The supplement is safe to use and should be appreciated also by athletes struggling with skin problems. In addition to impeccable skin, they will notice an improvement in physical performance, regeneration, as well as faster fat loss.

89% reported a reduction in pimples
73% observed a reduction in pore size
87% noticed an increase in skin glow in the case
70% of users look more revitalized
88% reported a decrease in the number of acne spots
92% observed a reduction in skin redness

By incorporating Skin Harmony into your diet, you will unblock pores, improve new cell growth, and protect your skin with powerful antioxidants. Vitamin B5 also helps to alleviate acne by narrowing the pores and reducing the likelihood of contamination by sebum. If you want to ensure maximum protection against acne and skin damage, this preparation is a necessary addition to the daily anti-acne care.

Skin Recovery Formula supplementation allows for an impeccable skin appearance. It is a panacea for fighting persistent skin lesions of all people suffering from acne or other undesirable skin diseases (folliculitis, inflammation, skin infections, as well as the presence of papules, pustules, blackheads and cysts). Thanks to the combination of three active ingredients with scientifically proven action, an effective preparation has been created, working from the inside, reaching the source of the problem.

3. Innovative vitamin B5 treatment - theory of dr. Leung's Lit-Hung

Dr Lit-Hung Leungo, making a groundbreaking discovery, gave new hope to all those struggling with persistent acne. By creating an alternative to the broad-range antibiotic and steroid treatments recommended by dermatologists, he found an antidote to fighting persistent acne.

During his research, he discovered that the oral use of vitamin B5 is effective against acne. Doctor's research allowed many people to reduce acne discomfort. Initially, the treatment method was only popular in Asian countries, but the beneficial effects of the vitamin meant that it began to be used all over the world.

Oily skin with excess sebum is one of the main factors causing acne. Dr. Lit-Hung Leung hypothesized that people taking large amounts of vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) slowed down the production of natural skin secretions. It turned out that pantothenic acid not only reduced the hyperfunction of sebaceous glands, but also significantly reduced the pores, making the skin smoother and dull.

He concluded that the body without the right amount of vitamin B5 cannot produce enough coenzyme A, which degrades sebum-forming fatty acids. As a component of coenzyme A, vitamin B5 is involved in the metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. It also participates in the synthesis of hormones, neurotransmitters, cholesterol and antibodies. It also increases the resistance of mucous membranes, regenerates skin cells and promotes hair pigmentation. So if there is a negligible amount of pantothenic acid in the body, it will first be used for more important functions in the body, e.g. the synthesis of sex hormones, and not to break down the fatty acids that form a sebum coating on the skin.

The original work of dr. Lit-Hung Leung on the effect of vitamin B5 was published in 1997. However, before Dr. Lit-Hung Leung explored the benefits of taking vitamin B5, there were not many acne treatment alternatives that would have long-lasting effective effects. Ointments for topical use are a popular method of treatment, but most often they only mask the symptoms of acne, and do not hit the cause. In addition, acne creams used externally contain strong chemicals that are absorbed into the body, and this is associated with serious side effects. Skin Harmony Recovery Formula is a natural and safe anti-acne supplement that directly strikes the cause of skin lesions.

It is more effective to look for the factors that cause acne than to mask its symptoms. Unlike prescription drugs, which reduce the exacerbation of acne, but also carry the risk of serious damage to the liver and other organs, the use of Harmony Skin does not cause negative symptoms.

Vitamin B5 is necessary for the proper functioning of the body. Pantothenic acid is found naturally in foods, including red meat, eggs, fish and broccoli. The amount of vitamin B5 in food is not enough for effective acne treatment. A much higher dose is needed, which is difficult to provide with food. Research has significantly impacted acne treatments, shedding new light on natural acne treatments. An oral anti-acne supplement naturally improves the condition of the skin, affecting a healthy and beautiful appearance.
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