A new generation multi-vitamin preparation - Centurion Labz Elite Multivitamin

Centrurion elite multiwivitam a new generation multivitamin preparation?

When reviewing the vitamin supplements on the market, we have noticed a new product from Centurion Labz in the USA. Vitamins elite multivitamin immediately caught our eye because of the incredibly rich composition and quality of components used straight from the US, which have nothing to do with cheap ingredients from China massively added to many supplements on the market.

Doses of ingredients that fully meet the body's daily needs for essential vitamins, micronutrients, acids and antioxidants make the product an ideal addition to the everyday training of every real athlete who puts the results and wants to help your body fight for not only muscular, powerful the silhouette but also caring for the smooth functioning of the whole body.

As you know, your body needs essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins for the proper functioning of all systems in the body. It is the above mentioned ingredients that make the body in a state of homeostasis, and the cells, organs and systems work in a harmonious way.

The deficiency of key ingredients leads to dysfunctions of organs, fatigue and, as a consequence, diseases. Therefore, in addition to a balanced diet, it is worth taking care of the appropriate level of ingredients necessary for the functioning of the body, which the body needs to function properly at the highest level.

Centurion Labz developed Elite Multivitamin for athletes to meet the high demand for vitamins and minerals. A perfectly selected mixture of ingredients with a synergistic effect makes the supplement a very interesting proposition for all people who lead an active lifestyle. Multivitamin effectively eliminates harmful free radicals, providing hormone balance, which is often disturbed after the cycles.

The complex contains a number of vitamins and minerals that strengthen your muscles, creates an appropriate anabolic environment for muscle development and contributes to the proper functioning of, among others: heart, liver, prostate and bones.

Centurion Labz creating vitamins Elite Multivitamin was guided by the choice of only the best ingredients in doses with maximum effectiveness to fully meet the needs of all athletes. It is enough to look at the composition to realize that they are not just a poor quality vitamin with a meager assimilation but a specific product with easily digestible ingredients for your body. If you care about the quality and high efficiency of the product, Elite Multivitamin will meet your expectations in 100%.

The US Supplement from Centurion Labz is a new generation product with proven performance and high efficiency. So let's look at all the ingredients to show the benefits of using it. Every day, we receive information from satisfied users of the product from around the world, so we decided to carefully study the composition of the multivitamin to share with you what is in the composition of this great supplement:

Vitamin A- is a key vitamin when it comes to the health of our skin, hair and nails. That is why it is often an invaluable component of skin and hair supplements. The use of vitamin is particularly important for dry and acne-prone skin. It helps the skin to maintain an adequate level of hydration, thanks to which the skin is more elastic and soft. It also helps in the fight against signs of aging such as wrinkles. It proves helpful in reducing stretch marks or signs of flaking.

Vitamin C- plays an important role in the formation of collagen, which is about 1/3 of the total amount of protein in our body. It is the basis for building the skin, bones, cartilage, tendons, blood vessels and valves in the heart. Ascorbic acid is a powerful antioxidant, accelerates the breakdown of harmful substances formed under the influence of intense training, effectively protects against infections. Another advantage of this vitamin is the improvement of iron absorption and the improvement of oxygen transport to the cells, which translates into an improvement in muscle condition. The effective absorption of oxygen extends the working time of the muscles and delays the anaerobic breathing phase of the muscles causing the formation of sourdough. In addition, vitamin C effectively leaches lactic acid from the muscles and thus speeds up the regeneration process after training. In addition, ascorbic acid affects the release of male hormones, including testosterone, which is desirable by athletes.

Vitamin D3-cholecalciferol - affects the work of muscles, which translates into better control over the body and stronger activation of muscle fibers to work. Regulation of androgen levels and tissue sensitivity to insulin allows maximizing anabolic processes and optimal use of nutrients. A beneficial effect on the reduction of adipose tissue can also be noted, among others due to elevated adiponectin. Studies confirm the effect on the severity of fat burning in people who previously suffered from a deficiency of vitamin D.

Vitamin B1- is very well soluble in water, which directly affects its bioavailability. It plays an important role in tissue breathing processes, including metabolic carbohydrate metabolism. It is one of the most important vitamins, which deficiencies can lead to weakness, fatigue, problems with eyes (nystagmus), circulatory insufficiency, disorders of the digestive system, and even in extreme cases to depression.

Vitamin B2 - plays a vital role in the functioning of the body. It takes part in the transport of oxygen in the eye lens and protects against cataracts, which contributes to the normal vision process. In addition, vitamin enhances the action of insulin, protecting against insulin resistance and diabetes. It is necessary for secretion of cortisol, which is a hormone with anti-inflammatory properties. The most important role of vitamin B2 in the body is participation in oxidation and reduction processes. It ensures the proper functioning of the nervous system and affects the production of neurotransmitters: serotonin, dopamine and amino-butyric acid.

Vitamin B3- is extremely important for the functioning of the peripheral nervous system. Niacin increases the activity of mitochondria. In addition, it contributes to the proper maintenance of cholesterol in the blood, and also participates in the synthesis of sex hormones: isulin, cortisol and thyroxin.

Vitamin B6 - exerts a beneficial effect on the general mood, is responsible for restful sleep, reduces the feeling of pain and prevents the occurrence of various types of chronic diseases. Its level is reduced, among other things, by stress. It is a vitamin with a multidirectional effect. It is involved in many enzymatic reactions and its normal level is crucial in maintaining and promoting health.

Vitamin B9-Quatrefolic- folate of the fourth generation, which is more stable and more soluble in water compared to the calcium salt of 5-methyltetrahydrofolate (metapholine), guarantees better bioavailability of the product. Folic acid supplementation is especially important for women from pregnancy planning to delivery. During the first 2 to 4 weeks, so the child's neural tube develops very early, which then develops into the brain and spinal cord. Medical research has shown that folic acid, or vitamin B, prevents up to 70% of neural tube defects. Consumption of the right amount of folic acid at this stage is therefore very important. Folic acid also has an important impact on the health of the future mother because it reduces the risk of developing anemia and helps in concentration and eliminates the feeling of chronic fatigue.

Vitamin B12- is a vitamin responsible for the proper functioning of the nervous system, it also takes part in the metabolism of proteins and fats and contributes to the proper level of homocysteine, supporting the circulatory system. It stimulates the production of serotonin - a neurotransmitter responsible for a good mood. It also acts directly on the brain cells, protecting them from toxins.

Biotin - is part of the vitamin B group, although it is not a vitamin. It is a coenzyme that works in combination with vitamins. It is necessary for the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. As a coenzyme, it participates in many processes and is used by every cell in the body. Biotin is involved in energy metabolism and plays an important role in the use of glucose. It is necessary for the growth and replication of cells and allows the creation and maintenance of chemical structures of keratin (the main protein found in hair and nails). Biotin is soluble in water and its excess is eliminated in the urine.

Vitamin B5 - has many health properties. It protects the heart against ischemic disease, the body against infections, and prevents graying as it supports the hair pigmentation process

Iodine - is crucial in the production of thyroid hormones, affects the proper development and functioning of the brain, the nervous system.

Zinc - in people who are hard and intensely trained can observe a reduced content of zinc in the body. In this case, supplementation is necessary to ensure the right dose of this essential element. Its proper presence in the body is indispensable for normal growth and sexual development, acceleration of wound healing, increase of body's immunity, proper sense of smell and differentiation and division of cells. A deficiency of this element will certainly affect the reduced immunity of the body, frequent infections, stunted growth, decreased body weight, apathy, anemia, delay in puberty. The microelement, which is not delivered to the body for a long time, causes permanent nerve damage.

Selenium - it is included in the group of the most important minerals, which affects many aspects of the functioning of the whole organism. One of its more important properties is the significant antioxidant potential that strengthens the immune system in the fight against free radicals (their action can bring a lot of damage to the body). In addition, it helps to maintain the full health of hair and nails (it affects their appearance). It is worth noting that it also supports the thyroid in proper functioning.

Magnesium - is an organic chemical compound from the group of citrates it is a salt of citric acid and magnesium. This combination is one of the best, easily absorbable forms of magnesium. Mineral citrates are compounds in the form of naturally occurring organic compounds that provide many times better absorption of mineral ions than inorganic forms like carbonates, sulphates and phosphates, which are broken down in gastric acids. Citrines are a much better choice, definitely more efficient and more effective in action. Magnesium is one of the most important minerals in the body. It is necessary as a cofactor in hundreds of enzymatic processes in cells. It helps maintain normal muscle and nerve function, maintains a steady heart rhythm, supports healthy cardiovascular health, supports the immune system and keeps bones in good condition.

Chromium - is an essential micronutrient that influences the secretion of insulin, thus affecting the increase in the level of glucose in the muscles and blood. It improves the transport of amino acids to cells, stimulates energy transformation. For people who are slimming and using physical exercise, an important property of chromium is its positive effect on limiting the need to reach for something sweet.

Molybdenum - strengthens the immune system and affects male fertility. It also participates in the detoxification of the body from harmful metabolic products and improves well-being. It is a component of the enzyme - xanthine oxidase - which plays an important role in the metabolism of purines and the production of uric acid. It takes part in the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats and in the synthesis of taurine - an amino acid that supports the transport of creatine to the muscle, which affects the regeneration of muscles after training.

Choline - participates in the process of creating and maintaining the normal structure of cells, controlling muscle functions, respiratory system, heart activity and proper brain work associated with memory. Scientific research shows that choline improves long-term memory. Some specialists believe that a diet with a large amount of available choline may reduce the risk of dementia and dementia characteristic of Alzheimer's disease. Choline effectively reduces the risk of developing cancer. In addition, it is involved in the regulation of lipid metabolism. It also positively affects the functioning of the liver. It is recommended especially in conditions of the liver crisis, due to the use of incorrect diet, alcohol and medicines.

Gynostemma Pentaphyllum Extract - called the herb of longevity, effectively reduces cholesterol and triglycerides. It contains saponins similar to those found in ginseng. It contains as many as 82 active compounds more than ginseng -28. Active substances have a strong effect on individual body systems and internal organs. The herb contains many amino acids, vitamins and minerals, among others: selenium, magnesium, zinc, calcium, iron, potassium, manganese, phosphorus. The plant has a nourishing and strengthening effect on the body. In addition, it regulates blood pressure, reduces cholesterol. This effective adaptogen strengthens immunity and prevents the harmful effects of stress. It is helpful in the fight against insomnia, reduces nervousness and delays the aging process. It is a powerful antioxidant, reducing the risk of cancer, and effectively inhibiting its development.

Shitake Mushroom - Shitake mushroom extract. They contain a large amount of rare B vitamins and vitamin D. Although the main health benefit of their consumption is to improve the immune system, shiitake can also help lower cholesterol, fight obesity, and even inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

ALA - is a natural organic compound from the group of carboxylic acids, which plays an important role in the removal of free radicals, it also has the ability to chelate metal ions, which facilitates the process of removing heavy metals from the body. Alpha-lipoic acid actively promotes slimming, which promotes the loss of excessive kilos, further reducing excessive appetite and uncontrollable hunger pangs.

Coenzyme Q10- helps to support the cardiovascular system through its important role in energy production and its antioxidant activity. CoQ10 has a high antioxidant potential, thanks to which it supports the elimination of free radicals. The deficiency of coenzyme Q10 begins to be noticeable already around 30 years of age, and people over 40 should take it regularly. Due to the deficit character of coenzyme Q10 as a result of the progressive aging process, irrational diet, non-hygienic lifestyle and increased physical activity, chronic coenzyme Q10 deficiencies often occur, which in the first place manifest themselves in dysfunctions of body structures with high energy demand and exposure to oxidation.

Inositol - is a natural compound necessary for the proper functioning of our body. It improves the mood, regulates the endocrine system, reduces the level of bad cholesterol and stimulates the regeneration of all tissues of our body. In addition, it is necessary for the proper functioning of the reproductive system of men and women, which is why it is sometimes called the "fertility vitamin".

Boron - an extremely valuable element, which deficiencies can lead to degenerative joint diseases and prostate cancer. Boron has a positive influence on the concentration of vitamin D2, magnesium, calcium and copper in the body. It has a beneficial effect on motor coordination, mental fitness and long and short-term memory. It also increases the activity of testosterone, which is why it is so important for people exercising, especially for those who want to build muscle mass more effectively, without worrying about the condition of often tired with heavy joint training.

Tagetes erecta- velvet scent belongs to plants of the genus Asteraceae. Active carotenoid with velvety flower extract. Marigold has a cholagogic and protective effect on the liver. It has diuretic and anti-rheumatic properties. Accelerates the process of detoxifying the body by removing unnecessary metabolic products. Velvet flowers in various shades of yellow and orange are one of the richest sources of carotenoids, compounds with antioxidant and anticancer effects. The most important of these dyes is widely used in the ophthalmological diagnosis of lutein. Scientific research confirms that already at a dose of 6 mg / day reduces the risk of developing AMD (macular degeneration) by 57%.

Lycopersicon Esculentum - the plant is a source of strong antioxidant-lycopene. It is a strong neutralizer of free radicals, prevents cardiovascular diseases, normalizes blood pressure, reduces the level of bad cholesterol and increases the permeability of arteries. Lycopene effectively inhibits the action of 5 alpha reductase, which causes disorders of hormone metabolism and causes gynecomastia. The use of lycopene preparations effectively prevents abnormal growth of adipose tissue in the breast area.

Zeaxanthin - belongs to the carotenoid group. It occurs with the retina of our eye and its quantity decreases with age, so it should be delivered to the body from the outside. It shows a strongly antioxidant effect supporting the work of the brain, central nervous system and eyesight.

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